Beyond Reading

What else could we do in the library?  We already have homework clubs, book sign-out and access to the computers.  Would you use listening centers?  Any other ideas?

Wish List

Here’s a place to list books you would like to see in the library.  I’d like to see names of Authors you enjoy, Series you would like added and Non-fiction topics you would you enjoy reading about.  I’m always looking for new books to add to our collection.

Book Fair Coming Soon

The Book Fair is coming October 20.  Make some suggestions while it is here of which books we should get for our library.

Welcome Back

Our library is fresh and clean.  We will gradually be adding more colour and items to continue to add warmth and vitality.  Your input is valuable.  Have you read a new book that you think other people would enjoy?  Have you started a series that we need to add?  Let me know what you would like to see in our library.  Enjoy blogging responsibly.

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